My name is Erik Thiele
This is my Homepage
You are welcome

-- Technical Stuff --


computer controlled autonomous robot car with laser navigation


10 Sekunden Freizeit pro Tag - Steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein

3D Drucker

Drucken in der dritten Dimension


Das ultimativ unnötige Projekt


Automatisch begossene Pflanzen

-- Projects related to computers only --


View a virtual world in 3D


Write the best AI and beat the others !


a language, a assembler, a virtual machine

Tempest for Eliza

Use your computer monitor as an AM short wave radio transmitter


Ultra secure asymetrical encryption for your private files and communication

-- Miscellaneous Stuff --

Other projects

Various stuff worth looking at

Downloadable selfmade music - Cool
Somthing useless - What's this ?
GNU/Linux - use it
Thiele Hydraulik - the place i work at
my Open PGP key - in case you care about security

you should always try to keep some crazy ideas in mind;
do never become too logical.

(erikyyy at erikyyy dot de, Erik Thiele)